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Factr is a community based research, service, training and development center. We are a 501 (c)3 tax exempt non-profit charity. We rely on volunteers to staff our programs and services, and the larger community to fund us. We need your support in order to continue providing programs and services to support the healthy integration of immigrants and refugees into our community.

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Annual Appeal

January 1, 2018

Dear Friend,

If ever immigrants need help, it is now! Times have been most dispiriting for immigrants of all backgrounds, especially the legally stressed and most vulnerable, like the elderly and children! And FACTR’s approach to the resilience and emotional well-being of the immigrant is especially needed now more than ever. Our approach of weaving together a repertoire of interventions at the case specific, clinical, level and the community psychologal level is proving to be more necessary than ever. However, in order to effectively utilize our resources, we have decided to focus on just two mental health program options, one clinical and one, community psychological or broad brushed in its approach! The two priority programs, then, are:
  1. Our Immigration Deportation and Hardship Center (IDHC), a forensic mental health program which incorporates the provision of forensic mental health services at FACTR, which includes psycho social evaluations for use in immigration courts, counseling and case management, and a psycho-education program for children who are frightened and traumatized by the danger of parental detention and/or deportation. IDHC helps the immigrant's story be told more fully and fairly in court and, otherwise, addresses the painful experience of living in the shadows of our society and being under the constant threat of family disruption and separation due to unjust immigration policies.

  2. Our Mindful Aging Project (MAP), a multi-cultural, inter-generational, sustainable land use project, which is designed for elder immigrants in the Santa Clara Valley, who, displaced due to war, ethnic cleansing and extreme poverty, are isolated, poorly integrated, depressed and often lost between their homeland and the new land to which they have emigrated. MAP will help elder immigrants learn the new art of sustainable gardening, contribute to their new society in a meaningful way, achieve a greater sense of belonging in their new homeland and achieve greater health, and spiritual well-being through their own produce and serenity gardening.

If you care about current immigration policy, what's happening to our DACA dreamers and the unwarranted trauma to which children and families are being subjected, please donate today to these programs at FACTR and others at donation/

It is a sorrowful time for immigrants and those who care about them. So we say, yes, Cry, America!
But, please, do also help the cause of immigrants under threat in our society today, due to stressful legal circumstances or other vulnerabilities.

Wishing you a New Year full of renewed hope and abundant blessings.


Karita M. Hummer, LCSW

Karita Hummer, LCSW, FACTR, President and Clinical Director