Education Navigation Services

factr’s Education Navtigation Services (ENS) focuses on assisting English language learners and/or immigrant school-aged children who are experiencing academic challenges and difficulties adjusting to a new school environment.


ENS serves as a bridge between newcomer families with school-aged children and the school system.

ENS provides:

  1. A support team of a Licensed School Psychologist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to work with the family and students
  2. Referral services and case management resources
  3. Family counseling, if desired
  4. Clinical observation of the child

Goals of the ENS

We believe that the services we provide to English language learner students and their parents aid in improving students’ academic success and well-being. Our services focus on:

  • Helping immigrant students thrive in their academic environment.
  • Improving their school engagement and school readiness.
  • Relieving environmental stress during period of adjustment.
  • Providing parental outreach and encouraging parental involvement.
  • Facilitating engagement of 
immigrant parents with their children’s teachers and school.
  • Alleviating acculturation challenges and providing empathetic and culturally competent counseling.